Who believers are in Christ

Ephesians 1:1-10

Ephesians is a powerful message of God’s transforming power in and through Jesus Christ. “When, as global Christians, we look around our own neighbourhoods and around the world, we realize that we are called to live out our new life that has been granted to us. This includes ridding ourselves of what does not fit the new life of light and purity into which we have been swept up. Sexual immorality, degrading speech, falsehood, bitterness, and anger have no place in our lives anymore. It is no longer who we are. Not only do we seek purity for ourselves, we also seek God’s blessing in our relationships. In our marriages, jobs and families, we are called to be mindful of the Lord and to love as we have been loved.” (ESV Global Study Bible p1660)

Blessing and honour – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4dR_zuB3qk


By God’s will – 1:1-2

Who we are and our calling is by the will of God. Paul was not unique in God having a purpose for his life. His was a high calling indeed, he was to be the main human agent for the founding of the church in non-Jewish communities. v1 It was not Paul’s personal ambition, that was to destroy the church not found it. Paul misguidedly believed he was doing God’s will whilst being an enemy of Christ and his followers. Paul called himself the greatest of sinners. Paul was an enemy of Christ but that did not prevent Jesus from revealing himself to him, supernaturally and dramatically. Even at that point Jesus had a purpose for his life. What was true for Paul is true for us. God has a purpose, even purposes, for our lives. Our history does not prevent that purpose. We can jump on the train or stay on the platform and be left behind because it is up to us to do or not do what Paul did, which is to repent and believe. Each of the believers he was writing to in Ephesus and Asia Minor was also called by the will of God. A shared part of every believer’s calling is to live in the continuous unmerited love of God and to share in the peace that comes from his continued blessing. v3Imagine receiving a gift, delivered by DPD, from the Queen that turned out to be a priceless, glorious painting. That would be something to tell the neighbours. Jesus’ and God the Father’s unmerited eternal love, delivered not by DPD but by the Holy Spirit, is so much more.