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30th Oct 22-  Nick: Stories of ‘God’s Armour’



We did over a dozen drawings of pets and family favourite animals and met lots of folk. The team visited the cake stand lots and we had many nice conversations with visitors and villagers alike.

If you missed picking up a booklet please contact us and we can let you have a copy.




Kathryn’s latest visit to A B C and prayer requests..


8th May 2022 – Ukraine update and prayers   Lead by Geoff





Written by Dave Hoppy Hopwood      &    Illustrated by  Nick Booth

Click to listen:-

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A word of testimony from someone who has been blessed from

the Lords work through C.A.P. (Christian Against Poverty)



Sing along- Recorded LIVE (some years ago} at Abbotsham Baptist Chapel.

WORSHIP-    MP-315 I will sing the Wondrous story

WORSHIP- MP-33 And can it  be

WORSHIP- MP-31 Amazing Grace

WORSHIP- MP-732 All Good Gifts Around Us



# ‘Flakey’ the story of a snow flake.  (Story compiled, drawn & read by Nick)



Piers illustrates the story of how the shepherd boy David felled Goliath.

1 Samuel Chapter 17  ( It’s ok we really used Ping Pong balls ! members of the congregation were harmed during the making of this film )


Archive 2019

The children designed and drew their own storyboard illustrating the

story of the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair.  Oct 19

( now hanging in the Chapel )


We studied the book of Daniel…Firey flame freeze…firey sticking..,..Nov 2018

Listen to and take part in a communion service



‘At the tomb’ read by Piers



Geoff & Rita read the first part of the Easter Story



Rita- Reflections on the past year…. stepping into 2019



CHRISTMAS 2018 Oh come, O come Emmanuel  (Sing along MP493)


29thOct Jackie Childrens talk LIGHT


 Session 7 14th Oct 18 Daniel C3

We made mini ‘Furniss theaters’ as we studied the story of

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego


This spring & early summer we studied Josephs Family in Genesis..finishing with a large storyboard which now hangs in the Chapel.

Session 11 …Davids Faith 25 Feb 18



14th Jan 2018 We listened to an audio story of David & Saul….Coloured in our own A4 worksheets & made ‘Miracle of Mercy’ Badges.

David was a Shepherd when God chose him to be the future king of Israil. King Saul was not happy with Davids popularity. After David had become a great warrior Saul took 3000 men out into the country to kill David. Saul was taken short and nipped into a cave where he fell asleep. David was in the cave but instead of killing Saul he cut off a piece of robe which he later showed to the king to prove that he was not out to get him. Saul believed David and was able to eccept David becoming the new king.

Childrens Christmas Play Dec 2017



An example of our regular childrens talk (before we go out to the Hall)

Jackie Thorpe…Bible Sword Drill



Oct18 DRAWING Whilst reading: Who do you say i am?





Piers tells the story of Samson, the Lion & the Hunny



Nick’s Angel story   Helped when lost



Yvonne on   ‘Our Earth’    Thanksgiving for our planet


Listen to how Noah’s Noisy Boat came about…..

Available at:  Amazon Books ( search for ‘Noah’s Noisy Boat’ )

To buy a copy :




Clive reads..John 3 verse 16


Piers reads Psalm 18


Piers tells the story of when the resurrected Jesus appears to the Disciples.


Geoff  on  Outreach    14th May 17      ( ‘Back Stories’ )


Mavis on Mary     8th Dec 16    (  Mid Week Bible Study )


Piers on Zachariah 26th Feb 17   ( Visual Drama )