News Sheet


Abbotsham Baptist Sunday Newsletter – 10.01.2021


Dear Members and Friends of Abbotsham Baptist Church.


The Sunday Talk A mini sermon recorded especially for Abbotsham Baptist Church.


This week’s speaker is Dave Hopwood


Title – Not loving the world.


The reading this week is 1 John 2:15-17.


Election of deacons

The closing date for nominations is Sunday 10th January. You still have time to put your name forward, new ideas and a fresh perspective will be greatly appreciated. Due to the pandemic the election of Deacons (Trustees) will be by post. Each member will be sent voting forms and details along with a stamped addressed envelope.


The Bible Course

Topic: Bible Course Session 6 – Jesus and the gospels Zoom Meeting

Time: Jan 13, 2021 08:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 856 0938 3507 Passcode: 425863


Fellowship matters

Ruby’s funeral will be passing Abbotsham Parish Hall at 1.40pm on Tuesday 12th. if you would like to be there and pay your respects as the hearse passes. The service is available on webcam by calling the funeral directors – Braddicks and Sherborne.

Barbara has arrived in Australia and is now quarantining in a hotel. Barbara has requested our prayers for her time in the hotel and settling into her new home.

An email from the Fawzi family. Dear Abbotsham Family, We wanted to express our deep thanks and gratitude for your ongoing prayers and support. Our thoughts are with you as you remember Ruby and Helen’s father. It’s been a tough year and we trust that 2021 will be much better. We arrived back to Beirut a few days ago, straight into a 3 week lockdown in Lebanon. This means the kids have to do online school.  We are trying to adjust to life here; yesterday we did our 3rd and final PCR test. It seems that the UK has gone into even more strict restrictions. May the LORD help us all.

Thanks so much for your love and kindness. Blessings in Christ, Ivan


Daily Bible Reflections A new year’s resolution.

Hoppy is speaking on not loving the world in this Sunday’s talk. We are surrounded constantly by  influences from the world’s culture. But we are called to live as a part of God’s kingdom and where we find his direct guidance is in prayer and bible study. It would be good if we followed Jesus’ own example and set regular daily time for being in his presence with an open bible. You can use our own daily bible reflections or published one’s from bible apps or booklets. Let us continue to be a praying, faithful fellowship; even more so during this pandemic crisis. We are also told not to miss out on meeting together to support each other, to pray and to learn from God’s word. We can do this by joining in the weekly Bible Course Zoom meeting. We would love to see you there.

Prayer diary – Week beginning – 10.01.2021

By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another. Jn 13:35

Day Prayer themes: BMS work in Kosovo supporting two minority people groups. Open Doors, a major Christian Charity supporting persecuted Christians. The Fawzi family and Arab World Ministry. Covid 19 pandemic. Household of the day
Sunday Give thanks for Hoppy (Dave Hopwood) and pray for the effectiveness of his message today. Pray also for his family as they grieve the death of Lynn’s father. Pray today for God’s mercy during the pandemic and the distribution of vaccines. Anita
Monday Please pray for the residents and staff in care homes, granting them peace, protection, refreshment and compassion. Give thanks for BMS’ partners in Kososvo and for the work that has impacted two minority people groups. Pray that more local community members would be involved in the ministry, so that work can continue sustainably long-term. Geoff and Heather
Tuesday Pray for those who are unwell, waiting for appointments, suffering with mental health, grieving for losses this year. Fawzi family – Please pray for their family in the Uk, their adjustments on return to Beirut, the children learning online. Pray also for the continued mission of Arab World Ministry as it reaches out in God’s mercy during the pandemic. Mary
Wednesday Pray for the restart of the Bible Course that we will continue to grow in Christ and fellowship. ‘Open Doors’ are holding their annual parliamentary reception for MPs launching the World Watch List, ranking the 50 countries where Christians face the worst persecution. (Online this year.) Pray that our MPs will advocate for the needs of Christians who experience persecution Geoff and Rita
Thursday Pray for North Devon health care providers in particular the North Devon hospital. Pray that they will have the capacity to meet the level of need. Pray for all those who work in the ambulance service as they meet a complex range of demands. BMS Kosovo Pray for inspiration for Robert preparing English classes. Give thanks that children from a minority people group have this chance to learn a vital skill. Jim and Clare
Friday Pray for those who work in shops and retail keeping open essential supplies whilst remaining exposed to the pandemic working face to face with the public. Pray that the BMS team and the fellowships they attend in Kososvo would be able to work together in unity, so that Jesus may be known to more and more. Linda
Saturday Pray today for good governance of this country. That decisions are fair, just, insightful and filled with compassion. Pray also for the children and their education that has been greatly disrupted. Pray also for all those who work in schools try to meet the needs of students learning online at the same time as those in the classroom.

Please give thanks for the work of the deacons over the last year managing the many changes and demands in what has been a unique time.

Nick, Liz, Harrison and Olive  as they grieve the loss of Martin, Nick’s brother in law.