News Sheet

Abbotsham Baptist Sunday Newsletter – 23.01.2022

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. (Acts 1:8)

Dear Members and Friends of Abbotsham Baptist Church

Sunday Service 10.30 am

You are very welcome. Come and enjoy fellowship and love.

Speaker – Carl Smethurst: Regional minister for Mission for South West Baptist Association

Title – Journeys: the sent and the sending.

Bible Passages – Genesis 11:27-12:5

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We ask that all those attending continue to follow government Covid guidelines.

Annual General Meeting – Brief report

Nick, as Chair, asked us to consider, “Why does the church exist?” He then referred to a large scale survey of church members and ministers. 89% of church members said the purpose of the church is to take care of my family’s and my needs. 90% of ministers said the purpose of the church was to win the world for Christ. Nick then referred us to Acts Chapter 1 and in particular verse 8. (Above) We trust in and rely upon God to provide and equip us for his purposes through our church.

At the meeting Helen stepped down as Church Secretary and deacon. We are deeply grateful for Helen’s service as a deacon for the last twenty years. Pat was re-elected as Treasurer, Geoff was elected as Church Secretary. Helen continues as designated person for Safeguarding. The safeguarding statement and contact details are on the internal church notice board if you have any safeguarding concerns. There have been no changes to the advice for churches regarding Covid precautions. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully.

The Annual Report was presented and a copy will be made available inside the church. A budget for 2022 was agreed. We will continue to support a wide range of Christian ministries both locally and world-wide. Income is not meeting expenditure and this has been heightened by the church not meeting for much of 2021. Therefore, the church is drawing upon reserves.

The midweek Zoom bible studies during 2021 were considered to be very valuable in promoting our understanding of the bible, our own spiritual growth, providing opportunity for shared prayer and a deepening of fellowship together. It was decided to offer a further course, “Hope Explored”, which is produced by the same team as Christianity and Discipleship Explored. This will take place before Easter but dates and details are to be arranged. We would like to encourage people in the church who have not joined in before to try out a short course. Hope Explored is designed to just take three sessions but it could be divided into six. Hope is something that many people feel they need to have a firmer grasp on following our recent experiences.

Prayer diary – Week beginning – 23.01.22.

I am the ALPHA and the OMEGA, says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8


BMS Relief As impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic continue, disasters and crises continue to cause havoc for the most vulnerable communities, the damage often intensifying due to the effects of

climate change. BMS World Mission’s local partners aim to share the love of Christ, providing

support in people’s time of need. Pray for those affected by crises around the world. Shaina and Rehoboth – Shaina is the young woman we sponsor at Rehoboth in the Philippines. A photograph and Christmas letter is being placed on the church display board.


South West Baptist Association – Carl Smethurst is leading our service today. Carl is Regional Minister for mission. Pray that we will be receptive to his message and for effective support for small rural Baptist Churches in our region. BMS – Many BMS-supporting churches meeting today look very different from two years ago when the Covid-19 pandemic began. Pray that churches will flourish

moving forward.


BMS – There has been an increase in extreme climatic events in recent years. As global warming continues, pray that BMS and its partners can be ready to respond to inevitable storms, floods and landslides that affect millions each year. Shaina – Pray that Shaina will be able to successfully complete her final year of education.


Abbotsham Baptist – Please pray for those in the fellowship who are suffering from long term illness, who are regularly in pain and those who have become more isolated during the ongoing pandemic. BMS – Pray for those in the south of Haiti who are navigating the after-effects of the major

earthquake last August and subsequent storms. Pray for the global Baptist family as it stands alongside its brothers and sisters and supports them in this recovery time.


BMS – We thank God that BMS can partner with local churches when disasters strike. Pray that they will be life-giving centres of transformation for the communities in which they’re embedded. Pray for Shaina’s family as they cope with the difficulties presented by the pandemic. Give thanks that they have now been able to receive the vaccine.


BMS – On this Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember the horror of genocides globally. We pray for BMS partners supporting marginalised people groups and for an end to any conflict among them. Rehoboth – Please pray for the staff and children of Rehoboth as education continues to be constrained by the impact of Covid.


BMS – We pray for all those who have lost family and friends in disasters. Pray that BMS partners will be able to support them as they mourn and grieve. Rehoboth – Pray that the children will grow safely in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual development. Give thanks for the children’s involvement with Sta Maria Full Gospel Church.


BMS – Two years ago, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 an emergency of international concern. As we all navigate this new normal, pray that a pandemic like this will never happen again.

ABC – Pray for Alan Thorpe who is leading our service on Sunday starting a new theme based on Judges.