In Christ all blessings are ours 1:3-4

Our praise, thanksgiving and worship of God the Father is the right and natural response of all who have believed in Jesus Christ. v3 It is God the Father who has blessed us but he does that through and in Christ. Blessing in biblical terms involves the favour of God and gifts of God. Spiritual blessings for the Christian are to be found in Christ. They are not separate from Jesus. They are to be only found in Christ. When Paul refers to heavenly places v4 he means the Christian’s future home. It is there then that we as believers will receive the fullness of God’s blessing. Paul is reminding the Ephesians of their and our future hope. However, God established this hope even before creation. v4 Once we believed in Jesus we entered in to all of God’s blessing to be found in Christ. It is Christ who is holy and blameless and God the Father will credit to all believers that same status because we will be in Christ.