5 a day of Christian living

James 4:11-5:19

Christian living can seem straight forward when we are gathered for worship but now as restrictions are lifting on what we do in everyday life and we meet more and more people, how do we live out the grace God has showered upon us? What should be our daily diet of Christian life in a world that lives by other priorities.

Day 5

5:13-19 Prayerful empathy.

In any one day we may meet with those who are celebrating a promotion, a child, a gift, a healing, the sunny weather, a friendship or good news. Just a few moments later we may then be in conversation with those experiencing great hardship, have received tragic news or are suffering chronic pain. How are we to react? Should we feel guilty when praising if we know others are in trouble? James’ answer is to respond with prayerful empathy. Rejoice and praise with those who can do so. v13 Pray for, sympathise with and support those who are suffering. v 15 There is no conflict, with each one you will be joining in with their walk with Christ. Remember that whatever the temporary position we find ourselves in it is our permanent relationship with the Lord that is of overriding importance. The harmony of shared confession and intercessions leads to an effective Christian life. vv 17-18 Wherever we see a fellow believer and are able to lovingly help them back to a living faith then this brings great blessing. vv 19-20