5 a day of Christian living

James 4:11-5:19

Christian living can seem straight forward when we are gathered for worship but now as restrictions are lifting on what we do in everyday life and we meet more and more people, how do we live out the grace God has showered upon us? What should be our daily diet of Christian life in a world that lives by other priorities.

DAY 1.

4:11-12 – Holy and loving speech.

James’ warns against careless slandering of people and especially members of the Christian family. We are to remember that it is God who ultimately judges and that we are also people who have sinned and grieved our Lord. This does not prohibit applying spiritual discernment but we are not the ultimate judge and should not assume that role. In particular we should not judge God’s law and judgements as in doing so we are setting ourselves on an equal standing with God himself.