5 a day of Christian living

James 4:11-5:19

Christian living can seem straight forward when we are gathered for worship but now as restrictions are lifting on what we do in everyday life and we meet more and more people, how do we live out the grace God has showered upon us? What should be our daily diet of Christian life in a world that lives by other priorities.

 DAY 2

4:13-17 Humility about our plans and ambitions.

It has come very close to home for me recently that we cannot ever be sure that our plans and intentions will come to pass. Over confidence in our own abilities and success is often seen as a virtue in our contemporary society even in Christian circles. James however warns us that where such plans have become arrogance then God sees them as sinful. v 16 We cannot be certain of our future or events. In all our plans we need to remain humble and be willing for the Lord’s will to differ from ours. v15 ‘What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.’ v14