5 a day of Christian living

James 4:11-5:19

Christian living can seem straight forward when we are gathered for worship but now as restrictions are lifting on what we do in everyday life and we meet more and more people, how do we live out the grace God has showered upon us? What should be our daily diet of Christian life in a world that lives by other priorities.

Day 3

5:1-6 – Merciful use of wealth.

It is important to remember that James was writing to the church and in this passage to those members who were wealthy. The underlying principle is that Jesus who is the source of all things gave up everything to be merciful to the undeserving and those who had rejected him. If that is his perspective we should very carefully choose how we apply our money, status and power day by day. Hoarding wealth is futile and self corrosive and leads us into a path of sin. vv1-3 If an employer or investor ensure we are not deliberately or unwittingly oppressing others. v4 We should find our joy and fulfillment in the Lord not the temporary gratifications of luxury and self indulgence. vv 5-6