5 a day of Christian living

James 4:11-5:19

Christian living can seem straight forward when we are gathered for worship but now as restrictions are lifting on what we do in everyday life and we meet more and more people, how do we live out the grace God has showered upon us? What should be our daily diet of Christian life in a world that lives by other priorities.

Day 4

5:7-12 Patience in waiting for the Lord.

As we wait for the promised return of Jesus we are to be informed by his creation, and the example of previous saints’ perseverance. For those of us who plant seeds for food or pleasure we have learnt you can help a plant to grow but you have to exercise patience before you benefit from the harvest. Today I feel growing impatience to dig my first early potatoes and pick the sweetening gooseberries. So it is with the work of the Spirit whether that is in gospel outreach, the spiritual growth of fellow believers or the coming justice of Christ’s return. Vv 7-9 Whilst we wait for the Lord to come we need to learn patience and joy even when our faith and declaration of the gospel brings suffering. At those times we join the multitudes of faithful disciples who have gone before us. But we will receive both compassion and mercy because the Lord is true to his character. vv 10-11 Whilst we wait we are to be open, straightforward and honest in all we do and say because we have confidence in his return. v12