The High Priest and Jewish leaders’ truth John 18.28-19.16

The Jewish leaders based in the temple were blinded by their own religious traditions and understanding of the law as well as their personal pride. It was a tragically awful situation where those entrusted with the spiritual care of the nation were not able to recognize the fulfilment of their own law and prophesies. The two dominant groups within the Jewish leaders held profoundly different beliefs related to resurrection and the spiritual world but were unified in vitriolic hatred of the Messiah, who they believed they longed for. When Jesus arrived all they could see was a threat and an enemy who exposed their own sin. Pride blinded them to their sin. Black had become white and white black. Despite themselves they were intimately involved in bringing about the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and God’s plan for salvation. They did not understand their role because their hearts were hardened. Their truth was rooted in power and pride. Although they believed they were the leading figures in the kingdom of God their desire was to crucify the king. ‘But they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!” (John 19.15) They rejected the rule of the God they claimed to worship and said their only king was Caesar. (John 19:15)

What are the risks to the modern church that desire for power and people’s pride will cause Jesus to be rejected?

Why is it that so many governments and people of prestige actively oppose and persecute the Christian faith?