Pilate’s truth John 18.28-19.16

Although Pilate asked the question, what is truth? In the end truth was not important to him. Political convenience was his guiding light. One can understand it. He had a very difficult job. Palestine was a political powder keg which eventually exploded in AD70. Failure to maintain control would cost him more than his job, it would cost him his life. He understood fairness and justice in very harsh terms. He knew nothing of the sensibilities of universal human rights. He had Jesus flogged even though he couldn’t find anything to hold against him and he had satisfied himself he did not represent a threat to Roman control. Truth for Pilate was something open to being ignored, compromised and negotiated over. The only fixed point was political convenience. He knew very well Jesus was innocent but to keep the peace in a packed city, hyped by thousands of pilgrims, he was prepared to swap him for a known “terrorist and insurgent”. For the Christian, Jesus’ crucifixion is a fixed unchanging reference point. Pilate’s truth blew in the winds of the times.

What experience do you have of people making decisions based upon expediency even when they know it denies the truth?