DAY 5. Applying the teaching to our lives – Ephesians 2:21-22

It is God’s passionate desire that his people are built up into one body which is itself a holy temple in the Lord. The church is to be the living presence of Christ in this world. He will live in the people unifying them and living out a holy life pleasing to God. This is to be a continual ongoing process. We belong together and need each other and we are all reliant on him. Unity in the church grows when we share what we have in common.

When we all recognize our own sin and need for Christ’s death to absorb God’s holy wrath against our sin.

When we are humble at the cross of Christ knowing we are no more deserving than any other.

When we accept that our access to the Father is by the same Spirit and equally offered by our loving God.

When we concentrate on Jesus’ teaching and do not try to add to it for along that road heresy lies.

When we understand that Christ is building one people and not separate collectives of people.

When we joyfully grasp God lives by his Spirit in all his people and he is building us together, not apart.

We are one in the Spirit