DAY 1. For this reason

Ephesians 3

The third chapter of Ephesians gives us an insight into Paul’s inner psychology and spiritual insights. Paul is arguably the most influential of all the apostles in the understanding of Jesus’ gospel and its application to daily life. Here he lets us into his inner dialogue while he was imprisoned in Rome. It would be understandable if he had concentrated on his own needs and upcoming trial but his thinking includes his concern for the churches he founded, and the cosmic scale of God’s redemptive work. He explains how he thinks of himself which is in utter contrast to how most leaders project themselves. Paul remains one of the most successfully influential thinkers of all time. Why do I say that? Well consider that for the last 2000 years thousands growing into hundreds of thousands and now millions of people read and analyze in minute detail his letters and the record of his life. In this respect he is probably second in terms of influence to Jesus himself. Paul however claims no credit for himself.