DAY 4.

Redeemed in Christ 1:6-8

God’s ultimate purpose is the praise of his glorious name through redemption. God is glorified as a result of his grace which is the outcome of his nature which is to have mercy. v6 The means by which we access God’s mercy is always through Jesus. In and through Jesus we see the mercy of God personified. Mercy for Jesus was costly because he took upon himself the righteous wrath of God for the sin of those who trust in him. v7 It cost him his life but it also cost him bearing the wrath of his own Father towards the sin of others. What price do we put on mercy? How are our lives an expression of God’s mercy? Paul says, ‘he lavished mercy upon us’ and this is an expression of God’s wisdom and grace. v8 As we go through life do we share in God’s wisdom by lavishing mercy on others?