Made known in Christ 1:9-10

Part of God’s grace is his revelation of Christ to us. Without the Spirit of God revealing Christ to us we would still be in the dark. However, God the Father wants to make Christ known to us, it is his will and purpose. v9 God wants people to understand who Jesus is, what he has done and how people may receive redemption from their sin. When we take the good news of Jesus to people we are within the will of God. This is what Paul spent his Christian life doing. God has opened up his will in scripture and through the person of Christ. He wants people to understand he has a plan. It is a plan that is even bigger than individual redemption it is the redemption of all of creation. Jesus’ death and resurrection is the biggest and most significant event in all history, not only of the earth but of the universe. It is the most astonishing revelation in the bible. It is a plan of which we are yet to see the end result. It is as Paul records, ‘a plan for the fullness of time.’ v10