Integrity and deviousness – John 18 v 28-30

With no case to put before the Roman governor, Pilate, the Jewish leaders as a body took Jesus to the Roman governor in the early hours. The plotting and scheming had continued through the night but they still did not have evidence. In an act of self-righteousness and wishing to protect their ceremonial cleanliness they did not enter the governor’s palace as it would have made them unclean and unable to eat the Passover. Here we have in one act those who claim to be holy scheming to do away with the only truly holy person. When asked about charges by the governor all they could say was, ‘If he were not a criminal … we would not have handed him over to you.’ v30 Claiming integrity sufficient to base the crucifixion of Jesus on they were pursuing their own deviousness. They lacked personal spiritual insight and believed their own infallibility. It is a risk for all who are in power. It is a more serious form of somebody in the midst of a temper exclaiming, “Because I said so!” When all leaders but especially when spiritual leaders resort to justifying their actions on the basis of the authority of their position alone, without good reason or evidence, then it is a dangerous slippery slope towards sin and the loss of integrity.