Relationships in Christ

DAY 4. Employer / Employee relationships

Bonded servants were a normal form of employment in the First Century. The passage should not be read as an endorsement of bonded servitude. It recognized that many in the church may have been bonded servants or the employer/owner of a bonded servant. The passage lays responsibilities on both parties. How each should conduct themselves should be based on the relationship between Christ and the Christian. The Master should treat the servant as Christ treats the Christian. The Master should recognize that the servant is equal to him or her in in Christ. v6:8 The Master should not favour one servant over another and their attitude should be as Christ’s attitude towards the believer. At the heart of Christ’s attitude is righteousness, justice, mercy, purity, love and peacemaking. Mathew 5:1-12 He calls all Christians to act in this way whatever their status or role.

Employers and employees should conduct themselves with the same attitudes as they serve Christ. In both cases how they conduct themselves should be living out the gospel and in their lives as employees or employers how they behave has a missional purpose revealing the saving work of Christ in their lives.