Expect Great Things

Mark 4.30-32

There may be delays and disappointments but there is a good reason to continue sharing the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ. As we look at Jesus life he continued to faithfully teach the word of God when he was received well and met opposition. In the parable of the mustard seed, one of the smallest seeds grows into a plant big enough to provide shade and support birds nesting. Equally the word sown into a human heart can bring about surprising results. Mark 4.32

The initial attitudes of listeners to the gospel are no predictor of the eventual outcome. There are those who have to internally work through their objections and then they can surprise you by announcing out of an apparent blue that they have committed their life to Christ. They may then move on to considerable Christian maturity.

A woman from Iran came to me one day to say she wanted to be taught the truth about Christianity, she could not believe what she did not understand. She insisted that she be taught individually. She had attended the church a year or so ago and gone to bible studies. She felt her questions had not been answered and the attitude of the bible study leader was racist and did not show respect. In addition, she said she expected to be taught in Farsi. That presented me with a challenge, not speaking Farsi and I felt it was unwise if I taught her when alone with a woman, especially a woman from a different culture and whose background was Muslim.

I did arrange for her to follow the Christianity Explored course with a female volunteer and fortunately the videos have a Farsi subtitle option. It was well before the end of the course, before all her when she made a commitment to follow Christ as the word of God change her. Her whole demeanour changed as she was filled with joy having discovered Jesus for who he is.

It is a great encouragement to remember that the power to change lives dramatically is not in our eloquence, it is in the word of God. Whatever our disappointments we should be encouraged to faithfully share the word of God.

Have we ever been surprised when someone has positively responded to Jesus?

Do we take up opportunities to share the bible with people we know?

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet – Amy Grant

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