DAY 5. To him be the glory in the church – Ephesians 3:20-21

In the light of all that Paul has mentioned so far in his letter he wants the Christians at Ephesus and the surrounding region to understand that God is able to work through them in proportion to his power as opposed to their limitations. Whether those limitations were the sinful behaviour and hearts that dominated their lives prior to being given spiritual birth, their physical, economic and social circumstances or their cultural and racial heritage. What counts is being in Christ. A blessing that continues throughout all generations including our own. The church is to be the people through whom God shows his glory. What changes then need to take place for God’s glory to be more evident in the church? Chapter 3 indicates these factors are important. A humility in service, especially among leaders. v1A clear grasp of the mystery of Christ as revealed through the apostles in the New Testament. v4 Unity and equality in the body of Christ. v6 Exercising prayerful access to God the Father through faith in Christ. v12 Being filled with the Spirit of Christ who grounds us in love. v17 A trust that the Lord can do through his church more than we ask or think. v20