Day 5. Our path to maturity in Christ.

How can we continue to follow the path to Christian maturity in our modern context?

Do we see our love and obedience towards Jesus as a whole-life and whole-self calling or do we want to compartmentalise our faith, putting it away at certain times? (Perhaps at work, when raising the family, during leisure activities, when spending money.)

Do we see our active membership of the body of Christ as essential, both receiving from and giving to its spiritual growth?

When challenged by life, tempted by sin, seeking to serve, do we take time to take in the glory and authority of the ascended Christ?

Is attention to the word of God a consistent part of our lives? Are we careful to understand the breadth and balance of the gospel to ensure we are not followers of spiritual fashion? Do we encourage others in the church with biblical teaching?

Is the aspect we admire most in our fellow disciples their Christlikeness?

His is mercy is more – Keith and Kristyn Getty