Do you remember when? John: 20:1-29

Thomas’ lesson

Thomas, it appears, was the only core disciple not present that resurrection day evening. He was cautious when all the other disciples told him about their experience of Jesus behind locked doors. Thomas was like many today who are unwilling to believe without what they consider to be good evidence. Thomas wanted the same as the other disciples, to see Jesus along with his wounds. The disciples had told Thomas Jesus had shown them his hands and side and he wanted the same. It seems reasonable, doesn’t it? The problem is it is not a constantly repeatable thing. It wasn’t long before Jesus was going to ascend to heaven. If the gospel was to reach all nations then it would be necessary for people to believe without personally examining Jesus hands, feet and side. Thomas did immediately believe in Jesus’ resurrection and his divinity once Jesus met with him. Along with the other disciples he then remained faithful until his eventual martyrdom. But Jesus words to him were all important. ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’ v29 It remains an essential part of the church’s role to clearly present the excellent evidence for the Christian faith. We are not asking people to believe in a fictional tale. We are asking people to believe in Christ who was historically real and for whom there is myriad evidence. However, we are asked to believe even though we can no longer see him for ourselves. That is only achievable through the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Have we equipped ourselves to defend our faith and communicate the gospel to others?