DAY 3. Paul’s servant humility – Ephesians 3:8,14

The humbling Paul experienced when Jesus revealed himself to Paul never left him. His understanding of his own sin and history of aggressive opposition to Christ was in itself the reason why God’s power could flow through him. He knew to the core of his being that he did not deserve mercy from God, that every time he took part in imprisoning and punishing Jesus’ disciples he was actually attacking Jesus himself. So he called himself, ‘the very least of all the saints’. v8 ‘Saints’ meaning those who are disciples of Jesus. The tradition at that time was for people to stand as they prayed. Paul however, prayed on his knees v14 because he was deeply aware of the extent to which God’s mercy had been given to him and the gloriousness of Christ Jesus. Being humbled started for Paul as a moment of revelation but that humility continued every day throughout his life and ministry. He knew that every good thing that came out of his subsequent life was by God’s undeserved favour. His commission from God was to explain to the Gentile world who Jesus was and what he had achieved for them. vv 8,9 He claimed no credit for himself and rightly gave Jesus all the credit. Do we live the same daily humility that Paul’s life showed?