DAY 3.

Only one route to faith – 1:13

If we are to be included in Christ, in one way or another we must hear the message of truth. In Paul’s time by far the dominant way to receive a message was orally, through listening to preaching or conversation. Today the breadth of media opens far more avenues. But whoever we are it is a simple route, hear and respond. It is a leveller, the cleverest person must still follow the same route, a rich person cannot buy their way in, a powerful person cannot force himself into salvation, a corrupt person cannot bribe God into accepting them. We all have to listen and believe or we are sadly not recipients of God’s free gift. Jesus is the supreme example of humble obedience and we must follow the same path. However, that simple route also places a God given responsibility on Jesus’ disciples to lovingly, clearly and faithfully communicate the message of truth. We have received and now we should give. Do we rejoice in the message of truth and how are we engaged in passing it on?