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C H R I S T M A  S     D A Y    2 0 2 1

family service with Geoff


Sunday 19th December 2021-  

C A R O L S    B Y   C A N D L E L I G H T  




Sunday 19th December 2021-   Dick Chammnings

Matthew 2    13-23         

The Father’s Protection


Sunday 12th December 2021-       Eric Moore

Matthew 2    1-12    The Strangers Story


Sunday 5th December 2021 –     Alan Thorpe                 

Matthew 1   18-25       Josephs Story


Sunday 28th November 2021- A Littlejohns

Philippians 3


Sunday 21st November 2021-  Geoff Williams

I     w  a  n  t     t  o    k  n  o  w    J  e  s  u  s

Philippians 3  9-21


Sunday 14th November 2021-  Geoff Williams

R  E  M  E  M  B  R  A  N  C  E     S  U  N  D  A  Y   

( The Hymns have been deleted- If you would like to view the video film that is mentioned in this recording please email us and we can forward the relevant ‘on line link’ )


Sunday 7th November 2021-  Alan Thorpe

H  O  N  O  U  R  I  N  G       C  H  R  I  S  T  ‘  S        S  E  R  V  A  N  T  S

Philippians 2   19-35


Sunday 31st October – Andrew Littlejohns

S  H  I  N  I  N  G      L  I  K  E    S  T  A  R  S

Philippians c 2   v12


Sunday 24th October – Dick Chanings

C  O  P  Y  I  N  G     J  E  S  U  S

Philippians 2   1-11


Sunday 17th October 2021- Geoff Williams

L  I  V  I  N  G     O  U  T    T  H  E     G  O  S  P  E  L

Philippians 1  V27-30  * Communion Prayer- Hymn & this weeks sermon


Sunday 10th October 2021- Geoff Williams-

G  O  S  P  E  L    L  I  V  I  N  G  –        Phillipians 1     12-26


Sunday 3rd October 2021-  Alan Thorpe-  ‘This is Prayer’    Part 1-

Part 2-

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( recorded today- LIVE in the Chapel )

— appears here soon—-


Sunday 26th September 2021-    Dick Chamings

H A R V E S T   S U N D A Y                   Reading:  Psalm 65

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(More Harvest21 photos on our ‘Gallery Page’)


Sunday 19th September 2021    Andrew Littlejohns

‘ Spiritual Discernment ‘       1 John 4    1-6


Sunday 12th September 2021 John Raymont-

1 John 3   v15-24


Sorry no recording was made on Sunday the 5th Sept 21


Sunday 28h August 2021-  Dick Chainings

Todays reading  – Joshua Chapter 6

todays Sermon-  ‘Our God won’t be mucked about with’

Sunday 22nd August 2021-  David Symons- 

this mornings reading- Acts 13   13-56

Sermon- ‘ The Urgent Need for the Gospel ‘


Sunday 15th Aug 2021- Eric Moore with reflections of ‘Himself & covid’

Notices for this week & intercessory Prayer

Eric’s message–


Sunday 8th Aug 2021-  Eric Moore- Speaking from Isaiah

‘   G O O D     O R     G O D L Y   ?    ‘


Sunday 1st Aug 21- Andrew Littlejohns

-This Recording will also be played in the Chapel- (10:30)

Part 2…


Sunday 25th July 2021-  Dick Chanmings

Matthew 25   15-30        Embrace Monotony   ?         (Also Showing in Chapel 25th July)

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Part 1-

Part 2….

Photographs from our first Sunday back after lockdown…


Sunday 18th July 2021-  Alan Thorpe

T  h  e     L  o  r  d  s    P  r  a  y  e  r  —  reading from Matthew c6

Part 1:-

and Part 2:-


Sunday 11th July 2021-  Alan Thorpe

           E A T  , D R I N K    &    W A T C H   T E L L Y

and now Part Two..


Sunday 4th July 2021- Alan Thorpe

W h a t    i s  t h e   Gospel   ?

and now  Part 2….