Sermons Archive 09

January to July 2021

16th May 2021   Dave Hoppy Hopwood

and now Part 2…..

9th May 2021   Alan Thorpe

2nd May 2021   Andrew Littlejohns

Feed My Sheep –  John 21

25th April 2021   Geoff Williams

Scepticism, Evidence, Faith, Hope      John 20: 19-30

and now part two…

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The Case for Easter by Lee Stroblel

Hope in Times of Fear by Timothy Keller

The Evidence for the Resurrection

The Resurrection of the Son of God

18th April 2021  Dave Hoppy Hopwood

‘Weren’t our hearts burning within us?’  Luke 24: 13-33

and now part 2…

30th May 2021   Dick Chammings

and now for Part Two…

23rd May 2021   Geoff Williams

Pentecost Sunday Acts 2: 1-21

and now part two….


6th June 2021   Andrew Littlejohns

Joel 1     God’s voice in a natural disaster

13th June 2021   Dave Hoppy Hopwood


20th June 2021   Alan Thorpe

Joel 2: 18-27    THE LORDS ANSWER  (Audio sermon)

27th June 2021   David Wilson   The Day of the Lord

and now part 2…