Sermons Archive 08

July to December 2020

27th December 2020 Christmas Sunday

25th December 2020 Christmas Day “It’s a Boy”  Geoff

20th December 2020 Dick Chammings

13th December 2020 John Raymont

reading from  Luke 1: 46-55

6th December 2020   Dave Hoppy Hopwood Isaiah 7: 14 & Luke 1: 35

The Lord himself will give you a sign

29th November 2020   Andrew Littlejohn

Hebrews 1: 7 He is the Radiance of the Glory of God

8th November 2020 Dave Hoppy Hopwood

1st November 2020 Dave Hoppy Hopwood Continues with our theme…

25th October 2020 Dick Chammings

Remember your global neighbours

‘Google’ : BMS World mission         On this web site check out:

Solidarity    Sunday    video

18th October 2020 Geoff Williams Propitiation and me

Part 1

Part 2

11th October 2020 Geoff Williams Walking in the Light of Jesus

Part 1

Part 2

4th October 2020 Geoff Williams Jesus the Word of Life

Part 1

Part 2

27th September 2020 Alan Thorpe Harvest Thanksgiving

Title: What’s stopping our communication with God?

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*** includes a special message for Piers & Liz***

13th September 2020 Dick Chammings Ephesians 4

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23rd August 2020 John Raymont The Greatness of God

P  s  a  l  m      8

Photos from John’s Woodland walks

H E R O E S    I N     L O C K D O W N  –  A four week mini series with Dave Hopwood.   Recorded especially for Abbotsham Baptist Chapel.

16th August 2020  Week 4 Joseph

Don’t Give Up, Keep Believing
Part 1

Don’t Give Up, Keep Believing
Part 2

9th August 2020 Week 3 Mary

Faith & Change, A New Normal      

Part 1

Faith & Change, A New Normal    

Part 2

2nd August 2020  Week 2 Esther

Faith and Action Under Pressure, Part  1

Faith and Action Under Pressure, Part  2

26th July 2020 Week 1 Daniel

Staying in touch with God, Part 1