Other Downloads

‘At the tomb’ read by Piers



Geoff & Rita read the first part of the Easter Story



Rita- Reflections on the past year…. stepping into 2019



CHRISTMAS 2018 Oh come, O come Emmanuel  (Sing along MP493)



JOKE. Alan Thorpe. JOKE



Oct18 DRAWING Whilst reading: Who do you say i am?



DOWNLOAD  Shoebox infomation for this Christmas from:


  • Pick up a pre-decorated shoe box (see below)

  • closing date for completed / full boxes Nov 4th




Piers tells the story of Samson, the Lion & the Hunny



Nick’s Angel story   Helped when lost



Yvonne on   ‘Our Earth’    Thanksgiving for our planet


Listen to how Noah’s Noisy Boat came about…..

Available at:  Amazon Books ( search for ‘Noah’s Noisy Boat’ )




Clive reads..John 3 verse 16


Piers reads Psalm 18


Piers tells the story of when the resurrected Jesus appears to the Disciples.


Geoff  on  Outreach    14th May 17      ( ‘Back Stories’ )


Mavis on Mary     8th Dec 16    (  Mid Week Bible Study )


Piers on Zachariah 26th Feb 17   ( Visual Drama )