This happened that the scripture might be fulfilled

John 19:17-27

It is finished – John 19:30

Jesus’ final words carry with them ramifications for all Christians. They were not simply a statement that his earthly life was over, they were a confirmation that he had completed all his Father had commanded him. There was nothing left to be done. He had vicariously received the wrath of God for the sake of all who will believe in him. Time and time again as Christians we live and behave as if Jesus did not pay the full price for our sin and we still have some paying to do. David’s prophetic psalm, quoted earlier, finishes with, ‘They will proclaim his righteousness, declaring to a people yet unborn: He has done it!’ Psalm 22:31 To the unbelieving ear such as the celebrating Chief Priests and teachers of the law, it must have sounded like a confession of defeat. To the faithful ones like John and the accompanying women it must have also seemed as it was all for nothing. Despite Jesus’ consistent teaching that he must die and rise again, Mark 9:30-32 they were at this stage unable to understand his words. We however are in a very different position. It is vitally important that we grasp that Jesus’ death was all sufficient and complete, and we cannot add to it. It is then that we can focus on loving him and serving him without spending effort on worrying whether we deserve his salvation. We do not but grace is underserved love.